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Ferrari 348tb

The Ferrari 348 is the successor of the 328 and was manufactured in Maranello from 1989 to 1995. It was initially offered as 348 tb Berlinetta and as 348 ts Targa version, later also as Spider. It was powered by the newly developed 3.4-liter V8 engine. The maximum torque of the revised V8 of 317 Nm is reached at 4200 rpm. The standard equipment includes central locking, leather seats, electric windows, ABS and a five-speed manual gearbox. The shape of the 348 designed by Pininfarina was strongly oriented to the Testarossa. The taillights are provided with a black grille cover and large air intakes are provided in the doors for the ventilation of the central engine. There is also a ventilator behind the inlets, which convey the air into the engine compartment.

For sale is a exceptional, original F348 tb *ZFFKA35B000094970*:

The vehicle was delivered on 23.01.1993 to Auto Becker Düsseldorf in rosso corsa / nero. The first registration of the F348 was 01.04.1993. It is a car from the 2nd series, so many issues of the early cars have been eliminated. Until 2008, the car had only been owned by a family, but had been re-registered several times within this family. This F348 has original paint shows only minimal traces of use, the leather is in very neat condition. The original carpets are also preserved. The mileage is 28.500km, can be covered by the service intervals. The engine number and the chassis number has matching numbers. Since the F348 for a long time belongs to the "beginner Ferrari", there are a lot of tinkered, badly and layer-wrecked repaired vehicles of this genre.

These classic Ferraris still have character, an open 5th gear shift, beautiful italian leather and a driving behavior that still requires something to the driver. Such simple but beautiful cars are the testimonies of the past days and therefore very stable with increasing tendency.

• First delivery to Ferrari dealership Becker in Düsseldorf/ Germany

• Top condition

• Mileage 28.500km from new

• First paint bodywork, first paint wheels

• No rusty screws, condition as from factory yellow zinc plated

• Schedoni leather pouch with all manuals preserved

• Unused, original tool kit and OEM Ferrari car cover preserved

• Full history service

• Toothed belt and large customer service in 2013

Service history:

1.000km inspection / inspection performed

7.627km Inspection including toothed belt change

12.028km oil change

14.647km Inspection with change of all liquids

25.136km large maintenance toothed belt / rollers, all fluids, valve clearance set

Price: 68.000€